Cowboy Slots 2021 – The Games You Should Try

  1. What are cowboy slots?
  2. Titles that should be try
  3. Best slots to play
  4. Innovative features in these games
  5. Choose the right online casino
  6. Our verdict

We are sure that all of us have imagined themselves in the role of cowboys, haven’t it? Moreover, it was such a pleasure to transcribe all the scenes from Western Hollywood films. Now, you have an opportunity to feel it by playing cowboys slots in popular online casinos to immerse yourself again in this atmosphere of the Wild West gaming.

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So, we are here to help you choose the best online gambling platforms, where you could turn all your fantasy into reality. Just stay on a ranch, sip your tea, imagine yourself in the desert landscapes enjoying time-spending and we will do all the work for you at the same time.

It is high time to acquaint you with some new slot machines from many gaming providers all over the globe. No matter if you have any experience in the gambling world, you will find everything to start playing cowboy slots in any of the offered casinos. What is more, all of the gambling platforms boast in providing only the newest information and recently released games for all the players. Do not worry, you will not fall behind the gaming market, mainly thanks to knowing all the top and hot 2021 cowboys slot machines and wild west slots.

We want to begin from the very beginning to help you in getting the main gist of what these slots are and how they work in general. Stick with us, we have a lot of ground to cover. Let us get started.

What are cowboy slots?

First of all, the cowboy slots are easy-to-understand and even novices can understand the rules as quickly as possible. Despite this, when it comes to money you will have an opportunity to win big sums of it if you are lucky enough.

The Cowboys slot machine has 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols, there are 50 paylines to trigger by lining up at least 2 identical symbols. It is considered to be the classic slot machine if you are a true pioneer lover. If you want to try something more intriguing and risky you can line up more symbols. In this way you can hit even more bonuses and real cash at your disposal. In addition, all the symbols of the game will not bring the same thing. To put it simply, there are the weak symbols represented by the A, K, Q, J and also the number 10. The more strong symbols are carts, hats, horses and bisons, so they have more winning chances for you.

More interesting is that you will meet two characters during the cowboy game machines. They are your guides and friends, cowboy and cowgirl. As you may have guessed, the woman has the role of wild, she represents and substitutes all the symbols of the game that we have mentioned before. As a result, different symbols bring different winnings.

The cowboy games can trigger both free play and real money options. It can be useful especially for new players, who do not have so much experience in that kind of gambling. So, it is a great opportunity to boost up your skills and train yourself in a great way. Furthermore, players can choose one of the strong symbols in both options to have more extra free spins during the game. Believe it or not, but its feature activates your winnings more easily. As a result, stack your own symbols during offered free spins to win big sums.

Thankfully, for these reasons there are many types of cowboy slots on offer in many popular online casinos. Be sure, such machines as Wild West Gold and Max Quest will open the doors of this incredible world. Moreover, there are tons of games accessible to any type of player from beginner or regular. So, experience the era of cowboy gaming and enjoy every single day from that moment. And now we want to dive into more details, where you can find the most fantastic slots ever seen.

Titles that should be try

Most online gambling platforms have many mind-blowing titles that are always on top when released and even beyond. Among them, we can name some of them like “Safari Sam” or “2 million BC”, or “Mr. Vegas”, to mention but a few. These games have quickly become classics in the universe of slot machines and now you will see why it has happened like this.

We can highlight one gambling platform that has a huge variety of cowboy slots. It is a Betway casino available for all players from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, to name but a few. The amazing thing about this website slot machines is that they clearly tell a story. When you get started, you will get to know the characters who keep the machine alive. You, as a player, very often have a main character, who is the hero, and then one or more characters. It is a bit like a Western Hollywood movie. Moreover, sometimes the introductions are clearly at the level of certain cinematographic productions.

Best slots to play

In general, there are many software providers available at this casino. But the major is PragmaticPlay for sure. This provider is certainly not the best known so far, but who is nonetheless one of the best young talents of the moment. So, we want to tell you about a fantastic game, called Wild West Gold, and why it has gained so much popularity over the past few years.

All characters are dressed in wood to create an appropriate cowboy atmosphere. To accompany this, it displays other decor elements reminiscent of the theme of the game. For instance, it can comprise everything from a cowboy hat to a buffalo skull to oil lamps to a purse filled with gold revolvers, to name but a few. When we started playing this game for the first time, it was hard to keep track of time because this slot works like a hypnotizer.

Besides, the music reminds much of such a typical and usual atmosphere. Some nice piano notes, the noise of the crowd gathered around a glass. Moreover, some shots in the distance which remind us that the shootings were going well at that time. Everything is generally nice and we easily support this musical theme for long minutes of play.

Now, let us turn our attention to the basic rules of this game. If you are not a beginner in this game you can skip this step and move right into the best bonuses the casinos have to offer. In a nutshell, classic Wild Wild West slot machines have 5 reels. And the Wild West Gold slot machine is no exception to this classic configuration. However, it is in terms of the number of symbols per reel that this slot is out of the ordinary since there are four, while the standards tend to offer only three.

The main theme here is related to the Wild West, and this is a classic scenario that we tend to see in free casino games. Equipped with symbols representing cowboys, sheriffs, six shooters, chests filled with gold coins, the slot displays a fun and pleasant design. These slots are going to be at stake too. In other words, these golden stars are used as replacement symbols, which corresponds to the same role they occupy in each slot.

When it comes to money and winning there are many surprises available in this wild slot type. For example, it presents a huge variety of betting levels adapted both for those who place large sums and try everything and for those who, on the contrary, prefer to make their gaming session last in chaining small bets.

Moreover, they have additional Bonus symbols. When 3, 4 or 5 units show up, 8, 9 or 14 free spins will be given to you as a player. During this game, you will have an amazing opportunity to utilize two additional symbols in the form of overlapping wildcards. This is a very positive point that we must necessarily take into account when giving us our opinion on the Wild West Gold.

Last but not least, the decor animations in this game are certainly not lacking. In addition to the wiggling lanterns and the wind moving the hot desert sand, you’ll simply have the opportunity to get a street view day and night when you get the most paid bonus features.

Another game dealt with this subject as well is Dead or Alive. It’s a game created by such a renowned gaming provider as NetEnt and it certainly has many advantages to boast about. Indeed,there is a high payout rate approximately 97 percent. Moreover, you one can expect great volatility, all you need to do for that is to have to know how to vary the stakes.

Dead or Alive is the title from NetEnt gaming software provider, renowned all over the globe, with an entertaining western theme. In addition, the latter is in 3D. So, you will find wild cards and scatter symbols that you will find useful. The scheme of playing is very similar to the wild west slots. Regular slots of this game equipped with 5 reels and more advanced ones with 9 payment lines for risky players.

We have prepared several tips on how to play this Dead or Alive game in this review. First of all, in terms of the visual aspect, everything is therefore perfectly programmed to make this atmosphere as perfect as possible. To put it simply, such things as old pistols, stars, revolvers and cowboy’s hats will make your gaming so close to the old movies you have seen when you were a child. As a great proof, even the usual background works wonders, being animated to give even more realism.

Innovative features in these games

It is important to notice that even to build more exciting products, game providers have to work harder to create innovative features in all cowboys’ games. In this review, you will find all the extra features embedded in slots for more pleasure and bigger winnings.

As you could have understood so far, the Wild slots are considered to be the basic options found on all games that have something to do with cowboy’s theme. In other words, the Wild is a predetermined symbol which can be replaced on the reels with any other symbol either weak or strong. As a result, you will have a greater chance of forming win lines thanks to this predetermined feature.

Another special symbol in this theme is the Scatter. It works like this: your aim is to accumulate several particular symbols on the reels during the game, and then it can activate additional features for you. This list includes such as free spins, additional bonus games, wilds with a particular functioning. The scatter symbol not only gives you a payment when it appears on the screen, it also triggers 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

Despite these features, if you are an active player and chain several successes in games then you can count on multipliers. They are coefficients needed for boosting your winnings at times if you are lucky enough. Everything is as simple as possible. The more you accumulate winning games, the more the successive winnings are increased.

Let us move into free spins. You get them automatically by accumulating three free spins or Scatter symbols. All in all, the more these symbols you collect, the more free games you win.

You are mistaken thinking that free spins equal bonus games. The latter ones are the special games that allow you to leave the reels to access a completely different design and a game with completely different rules. It includes everything including various fights, cards, boards, to mention but a few.

Choose the right online casino

It is obvious that slot machines have evolved a lot on the net and therefore it can be hard to find the best machines. Of course, the top of the top remains a different cowboy slot machine for sale and again, this remains our personal opinion. When you view the titles from our review, you will realize that the latest releases are almost all games equipped with various cutscenes, animations, realistic and pleasant backgrounds to dive the player into an amazing world of old-days cowboy atmosphere.

First and foremost, we want to highlight such a unique gambling platform as Video Slots online casino. In our opinion, you will find everything needed to start playing in all sorts of cowboy machines. It includes classic 3 and 5-reel slots with an exciting theme if you are a true pioneer lover. Also, there are even more advanced machines with 10-reel paylines in one screen for more risky and experienced players.

What is more you will enjoy with fantastic backgrounds of special animations and effects when entering the Video Slots website. Be sure it will keep you for hours behind the screen. Such popular gaming as Wild West slots are considered to be immersive sacks of money. Furthermore, these slots are from world-renowned software providers as NextGen. It means all your playing will be as smooth, fair and random as possible.

Another casino that is written in our list called Betway. The best part of playing on this gaming website is having a big welcome bonus code and other promotions offered for all players. For example, their main software provider of cowboy games is Betsoft. So, they have to offer bonus games that are really great. Indeed, you will be able to play mini games that will be related to the theme of the machine and it will take you out of the slot universe for a few minutes. The advantage with these mini bonus games is that they can save you a lot of money. So as much you focus on it and take pleasure in achieving them.

Last but not least, one more casino of the most famous ones that offers awesome cowboy slots called All Slots. You should be aware that this casino offers more than 700 games, most of which are slot machines and again, the ones that are most successful are those from cowherd games. Not surprisingly, the atmosphere of such slot machines typically has something to do with a western Eastwood.

In the background of the game screen, we can recognize the wooden houses that face each other, giving way to a large alley in which we can imagine that duels regularly take place.

Our verdict

To sum up, even though there is a great number of cowboy slot machines on the net, we have gathered the most popular ones in the renowned and fair online gambling platforms. You have to try all of the offered websites to find an appropriate one and enjoy your time spending.

In a nutshell, there are classic and progressive Cowboy slot machines from different software providers such as BetSoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, to mention but a few. As a rule, it is a 5 reel, 5 payline game with a Western theme that offers incredibly simple gameplay with a classic look and background in general. Nevertheless, even though the title has to offer 5 reels, it feels like a classic with 3 reels, and the payments are visible at any time on the screen. If you want something more it is possible to try out such advanced editions with 10-reels slots.

Another advantage of these games are additional features offered during each of the games. The list includes extra free spins, bonus games, sign-up promo codes and awesome cowboys themes given absolutely for free. Moreover, you can try playing on most gambling platforms right away with the free demo of these cowboy slot machines. In other words, you can access it without download and with no deposit code and without registration from any mobile device or from a web browser. You will not waste your time on downloading and installing processes, if you are not sure whether it is the right website for you or not.

Any of the offered casinos has its own advantages and disadvantages as well. Some of them have to offer amazing bonuses for players all over the globe, others have the best aspects of a progressive slot machine like potentially high payouts.

As you can see,all the features in these games are simple, but at least they exist, and the graphics alone are enough to keep you going. All in all, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, just try out all of these gaming sites, spend your time to find the right casinos, where you could win a great sum of cash.

Written by: James S. Gannon