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If you have decided to start your gaming history in a gambling casino, but don’t know where to start, then this review was created especially for you.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right gaming portal, what to look for when choosing your ideal slot, as well as what criteria are used to evaluate a casino and how to navigate them.

Before we begin our journey in the gambling industry, we want to warn you right away that any gambling can be addictive. Game portals have already foreseen this issue in advance and prepared several ways of how to avoid any gambling addiction. These are a few ways to limit yourself to avoid this kind of problem. The earliest and easiest are rate limits. The player himself decides how much money he wants and is ready to lose, and independently sets a limit for himself. The game portal will then simply stop giving the gambler access to games if the bet limit is exceeded. In the same way, the player has the right to create limits on time spent on the site. The timer started by the player will remind him that the time allowed to stay on the site has expired, and it is time to close the page.

In addition to such small limits, there are also periods of restriction that do not give the player access to the game portal in the next three, or six months. During this time, the player is not entitled to use any game portal offered by the company owner of the site on which the restriction was established.

In this review, we will also give some examples of game portals that can definitely be recommended to players who do not have specific gaming experience.

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Casino Interface

Each gaming portal offers its own personal website design, where you can play games and slots. Each of them is individual, but the principle of almost each of them is the same. Thus, it is possible to summarize and describe in general terms what a standard casino gaming site looks like and what kind of navigation it has.

To begin with, you will need to say that the first thing you need to do once you get to the casino website is to register. Registration usually does not take five minutes. All that a player needs is a first and last name, as well as a password and email address. After the player makes his first bet, receives a welcome bonus, and wants to withdraw his first winnings from the site, he will need to verify his account. To do this, you will need to confirm your identity by providing official documents that can confirm this. This can be a passport, driver’s license or another official document. The verification process takes a little longer than the registration process itself. But it’s definitely worth it, in order to later withdraw money from the site without care. And if you choose the right site, then there will be a lot of output.

Each gaming site has its own menu in which the player can get into his personal account, where there is information about active bonuses and promotions. Also, there you can immediately go to the section of current bonuses, to the games page, as well as to the frequently asked questions section. This section contains answers to all the most common questions from new players. The section is especially useful if the player is the first time on the game portal. If you need more detailed help with information, then the player has the right and opportunity to ask for help in a live chat, to the support mail or to call the hotline. Live chat is usually located directly on the homepage, and managers respond in it instantly. The hotline phone is not always provided by the site, and if it is present, that is, in the bottom console of the site. Support mail is ideal if the player has a question that requires a more detailed discussion. In this case, the answer will have to wait longer than in live chat, about two three business days.

All game variety is usually located directly on the main page of the site. On good gaming sites, all games are categorized. They can be sorted by their providers, classification, subject, and also by type. Next, we will consider several types of online games that each gaming site usually offers.

Casino games guide

Now on the Internet you can find completely different games and slots from different providers. They can be divided into several categories, but we have collected the most basic for you. So:

Free Games

Almost every gaming site provides the opportunity to play their games and slots in the free demo version. This version implies a game without a cash bet. That is, a player can just for fun try the slot to understand whether he likes it or not and whether it will bring him luck. Only progressive slots cannot be added to this section of the games.

Progressive Slots

This is a special kind of slot that can definitely make you a millionaire. Here you can make a bet of five dollars, and get a million instead. The slot works this way: every bet made at least once on this slot is saved and added to the total win, which the lucky one can break once by making only one small bet.


This is a type of slot, which can be attributed to both classic and thematic. Their essence is that in such games there are Wild Sivols and Scatters. This is a special kind of symbol that can multiply your winnings. Except in such slots as correctly a large number of game lines. The more pay lines, the higher the chance to win, provided that you make a bet on more than five such lines.

Classic Slots

Since we are still talking about slots, it is worth paying attention to such slots as classic ones. This kind of slots dates back to those old games when in all slots there were only three paylines, and three or five reels. This type of game will not bring as much gain as aesthetic pleasure. Since this is the very first type of games that appeared not only on gaming portals but also in land-based casinos.

Table Games

The name of this section of the games speaks for itself. Here all the games are collected, for the game you need a table. Hence the name. Here you can find Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and other card games.

The table games, in turn, can be found in the live casino section, where you can play the same games with a live dealer in live time mode. This is a great opportunity to feel the whole charm of a land-based casino without leaving your home. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the live casino offers.

Topic Slots

This section includes games that have a certain plot or theme. Most often these are slots that were designed on the theme of a movie or series. The design of such slots is especially pleasant since it is here that the colors and design are of the highest level.

You also need to add a few words about the fact that games are classified according to their technical data. That is, there are games that are still made in 2D design, and there are those that use HTML5 design when creating.

The main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing games on the site are:

  • Number of paylines
  • License
  • RTP percentage
  • Provider
  • Quality
  • Bonuses offered by the slot

Use bonus codes for play

Each game portal offers its own types of bonuses, as well as a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is the most important promotion that a game portal can offer. As a rule, it consists of several deposits. That is, to get a welcome bonus, you just need to make a first time bet and start playing. In this case, the player will need to enter promo code in order to receive this bonus. Some game portals offer a know-how bonus deposit, which means that a player can receive the same bonus by simply logging in to the site without making any deposits.

The most important thing to warn about is that each welcome bonus has its own conditions for how it can be won back or withdrawn from the site. Therefore, carefully read the conditions section before placing your first bet.

Welcome bonus how to get it in the form of credits that can be spent in the game, or in the currency in which the first bet was made.

Try online games now

Here we collected several game portals at once, on which it will be convenient for any player to play and place bets since even a novice player can figure it out on them.


Highly rated casinos on various gaming sites. It has several extras, which in turn indicate the reliability of the gaming portal. Thus, having been licensed by Curacao, and existing since 2014, JoyCasino has an excellent reputation among players from Canada, New Zealand, England, and Australia. There is a huge variety of deposit methods and withdrawal methods. About 100 thousand euros can be withdrawn here per month, and the site itself accepts completely different currencies.

Club Player Casino

This game portal provides full access to the game on mobile devices, and the site itself has been approved by the TST system. Here you can find games from only one game provider, but you can be sure that every game is completely honest, and any player here will not be left without support. Since the site has a round-the-clock help chat, and managers in it respond quickly. Several convenient systems for cash transactions and a convenient site interface. The only drawback of the site is that cash transactions in the form of checks take almost a month of waiting.

Slots Plus Casino

One of the few game portals that provide their games in 128-bit SSL encryption. This system allows you to protect your games from weekly data leakage or hacking hackers who want to steal your money. The casino license belongs to Panama, and the site also has a convenient mobile version. The game site has been available for use since 2002, and here you can definitely count on the support of managers. The portal offers several ways to ask for help at once. These are several hotline phones, email addresses where you can leave feedback and complaints, and not just send questions, as well as the presence of live chat. The gaming platform is fully available for download and mobile games, that is, the player has the right to download the casino version and play even where there is no Internet.

Syndicate Casino

This game portal offers a sheathed bonus system that will definitely not leave you indifferent and will inspire you to make a bet. Here you can choose games from more than twenty game providers. This is one of the best gaming casinos in 2021. Despite restrictions in many countries, the portal is widely popular among players around the world. Although the game portal is relatively young, since it was founded only in 2018, it has already gained an impeccable reputation among players. The site itself is available in several languages, including English, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish, and several other world languages.

Play games via mobile

Each of the above online gaming slots is available for playing on mobile devices. This means that some games can be downloaded to your portable device, and play anywhere, anytime. Or this is a special version of the casino, which is available both in the PC browser and in the tablet or phone browser. You can play the mobile version from any device. At the same time, the quality of the games will not deteriorate, nor will the number of available options change, for example, live chat will still be available in mobile mode, or money transactions. It is also worth considering that it is absolutely easy and affordable to carry out money transactions from mobile devices, especially if there is a quick payment function on the phone. And then it will be possible to pay for the service simply by putting a finger or lifting the phone to your face. And the mobile version itself supports any software of the device, Android, Windows, or iOS – no difference.

What about Deposit and Withdrawals

After a player registers, makes his first bet, spend and wins his welcome bonus, he will be able to start withdrawing money from the site. But first, tell you about the deposit rules.

Each gaming site has its own banking methods by which you can conduct cash transactions. Their list can be found on the website. In case of registration, the player himself chooses which system he would be better off using. At the same time, he will be able to independently choose the currency in which he wants to place a bet. The list of currencies that the casino accepts can also be found on the site in a free mode. Next is the process of transferring money. This takes a minimal amount of time. Money comes to the account of the player’s account, and then you can safely play your games.

The longest waiting time, take the withdrawals of money from the site. The minimum is a day, and the maximum is a few working days. It all depends on which banking system the player has chosen. Usually, the system that he chose by making his first deposit is automatically selected. We can advise you to use rates in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, as this is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer money. It is fast and anonymous. The cryptocurrency withdrawal speed records fast. And everything happens anonymously. It is also very safe, no one can hack your money transfer and steal your money. Especially if the casino accepts cryptocurrency – it will also accept any electronic wallet through which money can be sent.

Each game portal also has its own specific limits on how much money can be withdrawn per month. The player will be able to find all this information directly on the site.

In Conclusion

If you are a beginner in the field of gambling, you have taken the choice of casino very carefully and seriously. We will advise you to choose a game portal according to the following criteria:

  1. How many bonus programs and promotions are there and how relevant and profitable are they?
  2. How many game providers does the game supply to the site
  3. What quality are the slots on the site
  4. How many money systems through which you can make a deposit
  5. Live casino availability
  6. The presence of awards and approvals from other gaming portals or independent platforms
  7. License and Protection
  8. Ways to protect data
  9. And of course, do not forget about the rating, which is also important for the reputation of the casino.

Written by: James S. Gannon